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Anouar Brahem Trio - Astrakan café - 2000

Astrakan café (2000) is an exceptional work of fluidity between the soft lute of the Tunisian composer Anouar Brahem, the percussion of the darbuka or the bendir of Lassad Hosni and the clarinet of Barbaros Erköse.

The result is that of a particular and relaxing sound, mystical (perhaps because it was recorded in the St. Gerold Monastery in Austria) but, above all, Arabic (there are versions of classics from the Ottoman Arab tradition), North African and Mediterranean ( visit the indissoluble fusion between Iberian and Maghrebi culture), and also influenced by jazz, with numerous instrumental solos, but without ever breaking the rhythmic and melodic line. Ideal to taste with a good Moorish tea.

01. Aube rouge à Grozny
02. Astrakan café
03. The Mozdok´s train
04. Blue jewels
05. NihawendLunga
06. Ashkabad
07. Halfouine
08. Parfum de gitane
09. Khotan
10. Karakoum
11. Astara
12. Dar es Salam
13. Hijazpechref
14. Astrakan café (2)

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