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Bako Dagnon - Sidiba - 2009

Mali has a very rich musical heritage. And Bako Dagnon is one of his living legends, in which it is not difficult to recognize the origin of the Africanity of the Cuban son, cumbia and many of the melodies that have been developed throughout Latin America.

After 35 years of career, Titati (2007) was her discovery to the world, a work that consecrates her among the great African artists. At Titati we can listen to 12 impeccable songs that show the tradition of the Mandingo culture of which Bako Dagnon is a great representative, a production based on respect for the unmistakable acoustic sounds of guitars, flutes, string arrangements with Arabian airs, some precious women's choirs, a double bass and a djembe. But the powerful and fine-tuned voice of Bako Dagnon is the true protagonist of the album, resulting in that magical atmosphere that great masterpieces have. The freshness that exudes the entire work is perhaps due to the direct recording technique, so used in Africa, with all the musicians in the studio at the same time.

In Sidiba (2009), a continuation of Titati, the stories told are of oral tradition, passed down from generation to generation through the griots. Both Titati and Sidiba give us the unique opportunity to get to know intimately the original melodies that are heard inside any Malian house. A precious work.

01. WouyaLarana
02. N'Ouhoumba
03. M'Ba
04. Le Guide De La Révolution
05. Sidi Ba
06. Badjigui
07. Tiga
08. Alpha Yaya
09. Kônô
10. FadeenTô
11. BèBéBorii No Fè

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