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Caribbean Playground - 2004

CaribbeanPlayground is one of the best compilations of the “Putumayo Kids” collection, constituting an extraordinary journey through the rich interculturality of the Caribbean.

Caribbean music comes from the mix of native, European, African and other cultures that have lived in the region. Like food, music is full of flavors that combine local ingredients with influences from other places. French, Spanish and English are some of the languages ​​spoken in the Caribbean, as well as Creole and Patois, which combine European and African languages.

The "journey" begins in Jamaica, home to reggae and other styles such as mento and ska. It stops in Martinique and Guadalupe, the birthplace of zouk music, a danceable, rhythmic and fun style, very popular throughout the Caribbean. Haiti, with a great cultural wealth, is another country to visit. There, the African influence is very strong and, among its different types of music, we can highlight some such as compas, rare and twoudabadou.

Puerto Rico, one of the three Spanish-speaking islands of the Caribbean along with Cuba and the Dominican Republic, is also the nerve center of salsa. Their traditional music includes styles of African influence like the bomba and the Plena. On the other hand, Trinidad is the birthplace of the calypso, the soca and of an Indian-influenced dance genre called chutney. The calypso is a kind of musical newspaper dealing with the lyrics of the songs, about daily life, current affairs and politics, generally in a fun way. The steel drum (steeldrum) is a musical instrument invented in Trinidad and made from barrels of oil.

In short, a very well selected and documented material (as Putumayo is accustomed), ideal to enter and enjoy the music of this wonderful land.

Tracks list:
01. Taj Mahal & The Hula Blues - Great Big Boat (blues-folk USA)
02. Desmond Dekker - Jamaica Farewell (ska Jamaica)
03. Kali - Tambou Dan TcheNou (tradicional Martinica)
04. Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco Band - Three Little Birds (zydeco USA)
05. Karl Zero & the Wailers - Coconut Woman (calypso Jamaica)
06. Marlene Dorcena - Panama (tradicional Haití)
07. Asheba - Little Anancy (calypso Trinidad)
08. José González y Banda Criolla - Bomba Te Traigo Yo (bomba Puerto Rico)
09. Lole-Lolay - Pa ´PiyeSou Do M´ (twoubadouHaití)
10. MissionIriez - Reggae Dancin´ (reggae Tonga/Jamaica)

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