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Cesária Évora - Nha Sentimento - 2009

Cesária Évora, born on the island of São Vicente (Cape Verde), is known by the nickname "la reina de la morna", for having made her known internationally, and as "the diva of bare feet" due to her habit of presenting herself barefoot on stage, in solidarity with the homeless and the children and poor women of her country.

La Morna is a Cape Verdean genre of music related to Portuguese fado, Brazilian modinha, Argentine tango and Angolan lament. The compositions are sung, as a general rule, in the Creole language of Cape Verde and among the instruments the cavaquinho, clarinet, accordion, violin, piano and guitar are usually used. Compared to blues, there are interesting similarities and significant cultural connections between these two musical genres.

Cesária Évora was made known with the work Miss Perfumado, which in 1992 became a bestseller. In all its records, African American culture, especially from Cuba and Brazil, is reunited with its original roots, as if it were a trip, integrating and uniting the soul of black music from around the world.

In Nhasentimento, the queen of the morna returns to work with Teófilo Chantré, composer of most of the songs on the album. Producer José da Silva had the idea to merge this Cape Verdean style with Arabian tones, including the string arrangements by the Egyptian Fathy Salamam, who conducted the Cairo Orchestra, on the three album days: "Vento de sueste", " Sentiment "and" Mam'Bia É So Mi ". But the most explicit tribute to her country is the song composed by Luis Pastor and translated by Chantre, "Verde Cabo di Nhas Odjos", in which Évora sings "I want to die in your fields and live in your songs". This album, Nha Sentimento, with European influence, oriental touches, African presence and Caribbean memories, reminds us that the beautiful islands of Cape Verde are at the crossroads of three rich continents of multiple cultures and that Cesária Évora is already an international ambassador for mestizo music.

01. Serpentina
02. Verde Cabo di Nhas Odjos
03. Vento de Sueste
04. Ligereza
05. Zinha
06. Fatalidade
07. Esperança di Mar Azul
08. Sentimento
09. Tchôm Frio
10. Noiva de Ceu
11. Holandesa Co Certeza
12. RespostaMenininhas de Monte Sossego
13. Mam'Bia É So Mi
14. Parceria E Irmandade

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