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Rajery - Volontany - 2004

Germain Randrianarisoa, Rajery, is a magnificent musician, one of the most respected on the African continent, not only for the excellence of his music but also for his commitment to the various problems of his country, which he often criticizes in his songs, and for his strives to preserve indigenous cultural traditions.

Nicknamed "the prince of the valiha" in Madagascar (an instrument of which Rajery has become a true virtuoso, despite missing the fingers of his right hand), he presents in Volontany ("the color of theground", 2004) his compositions inspired by traditional music from the highlands of Madagascar (a country with a rich musical heritage, where each region has its own musical identity). Supported by a quartet, with skillful spurs towards jazz by using the voices in a similar way to melodic instruments, his music takes on an international flavor in his fusion of styles, addressing social issues, denouncing the situation of poverty experienced by the childhood of his country and conveying respect for their cultural heritage.

01. Mangina Zaza
02. Tsikirilem
03. ToroyLalana
04. Mifankatiava
05. Mahafinaritra
06. TsyMenatra
07. Marodona
08. Zavavy
09. Viavy
10. Veloma
11. MihodinaNyTany
12. Hafatra

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