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Salif Keita - Amen - 1991

Salif Keita, considered Mali's "golden voice", began to be recognized internationally, after the appearance of Soro, a brilliant fusion of Mali's traditional rhythms with modern technology while maintaining a general Islamic style. . Amen is edited in 1991, with the production of Joe Zawinul and the participation, among others, of Carlos Santana (guitar), Wayne Shorter (sax), Bill Summers (percussion) and musicians from Mali and France.

The songs included on the LP address issues like the political struggle for democracy in West Africa in the song "Waraya", but we also find love songs like "Yele n Na", and songs that address social issues like "Karifa" (a beautiful vindication of the dignity of the immigrant). Throughout the album, producer Joe Zawinul harmoniously reconciles Keita's vocals with wind arrangements and the technical mastery of fusion jazz. This recording brought Keita a Grammy nomination that year.

Tracks list:
01. Yele n Na
02. Waraya
03. Tono
04. Kuma
05. Nyanafin
06. Karifa
07. N B´I Fe
08. Lony

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