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Wally Badarou - Echoes - 1984

Badarou manages to create in “Echoes” a sophisticated synthesis, halfway between the danceable and enjoyable at rest, between the growing Dub experiments oriented to the Club (Larry Levan, Walter Gibbons and others would be influenced and really passionate about the magnificent “Chef Inspector ”), The tropical airs that arose from the mythical studio at Compass Point in Bahamas (where the Compass Point AllStars of Chris, owner, Island owner, resided with Sly And Robbie or Barry Reynolds together with Badarou, who programmed productions and instrumental section for titans like Herbie Hancock, Grace Jones, Spandau Ballet or Talking Heads, among many others) and experimentation with synthesizers like the Moog. The slow yet meandering beats, the refreshing combination of gentle melodies, and its environmental and ethnic resources created an archetype in itself.

Wally Badarou (vocals, piano, guitar, tambourine, mini moog, prophet 5, linn drum, synclavier)
Rebop Kwaku Baah (congas)
Kristina Bengtsson, Genevive Aucer, Andy Lyden, Frankie Gibson, The Gambier School Children (background vocals)

1. Keys, 2:20
2. Hi-Life, 4:42
3. Mambo, 4:57
4. Voices, 3:20
5. Canyons, 3:26
6. Endless Race, 3:41
7. Chief Inspector, 5:58
8. Waltz, 3:43
9. Jungle, 4:58
10. Rain, 3:01 

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