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Armand Amar - La Piste

After her mother dies, Grace (Camilla Summers) has mixed feelings about returning to Africa, where she will reunite with her father Gary (Julian Sands). After an effusive meeting, she begins to feel good in this place, where she had not been in a long time, and which is already a bit strange to her. But tragedy comes, when Gary returns from a flight to meet his daughter, but a series of strong winds traps his plane and causes it to crash, although he miraculously comes out alive from this accident.
Ambient score in which Armand Amar applies western music in combination with ethnic music, as well as using instruments and voices from the places where the action takes place. The overall tone is dramatic and evocative, sometimes exultant and at other times very intimate.
Armand Amar likes to mix orchestras with traditional instruments, such as the doudouk, an Armenian flute that opens and closes the music for this film and for this he invited Lévon Minassian a virtuoso on this Armenian instrument.
1. Premonition (4:38)
2. Prince and Gary (3:46)
3. The Camp (1:21)
4. Child's Song (5:14)
5. Kadjiro and Grace (4:25)
6. Running (3:28)
7. Return to Africa (3:55)
8. Diamonds (3:01)
9. Quarrel (1:19)
10. Gipsy Raven (6:00)
11. By Starlight (3:32)
12. Waterfall (1:36)
13. Desert (4:29)
14. The Father (2:03)
15. Longing (3:51)
16. Storm (5:57)

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