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Despite the evident historical links between jazz and traditional African music, few projects manage to merge these musics .... A pioneer of the genre, the Kora Jazz Trio returns with a sixth album created by the eclectic Eric Legnini.

This sublimates the compositions of the pianist Abdoulaye Diabaté, as well as the beautiful interpretations of the standards that are Via Conme by Paolo Conté, Sodade immortalized by Cesaria Evora and Moanin 'of the Jazz Messengers of Art Blakey.

For this Part IV of the Kora Jazz Trio, the Kora has been entrusted to all the usual musical gatherings: Cherif Soumano (Dee Dee Bridgewater, Tiken Jah Fakoli, World Kora trio, ...) and to improve the repertoire add according to the songs, the song of WozKali, the double bass by Manu Marches, the percussion by Boris Caicedo, the balafon by Adama Condé and the guitar by Hervé Morisot (Sodade).

01. DJANFFA (Chérif Soumano) 3’46
02. SIRAGNAN – FAIN (Abdoulaye Diabaté) 4’21
03. VIA CON ME (Paolo Conte) 3’46
04. FAYDA (Abdoulaye Diabaté, WozKali) 6’03
05. BOURAMA (Abdoulaye Diabaté) 4’38
06. MOANIN’ (Bobby Timmons) 4’33
07. KEBA – DJITO (Abdoulaye Diabaté) 4’36
08. SODADE (Luis Morais) 6’23
09. ALA – LAKO (Abdoulaye Diabaté) 4’58
10. KORA YA ME VOY (Abdoulaye Diabaté) 5’41
11. MITOHA SONG (Abdoulaye Diabaté) 4’50

ABDOULAYE DIABATÉ – Piano, composition, arrangements
MOUSSA SISSOKHO – Congos, bongo, calebasse, cymbales, tama
MANU MARCHES – Contrebasse
BORIS CAICEDO – Timbales, shaker, bongo, chekeré, cloche, claves
WOZ KALI – Vocal (04)
HERVÉ MORISOT – Guitare (08)

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