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Nass Marrakech - Sabil 'a 'Salaam - 2000

With the intention of interpreting in a respectful but at the same time current tradition of the Gnawa people, in 1991 the Nass Marrakech group was born. Nass Marrakech investigates, since its foundation, the Gnawa heritage: a music based on the repetition of overlapping rhythmic forms and on typically African "call and response" chants. A music that is at the same time popular and sacred, which is directly connected with the other black-African musics (blues, gospel, yoruba songs, samba, etc.), as well as taking new paths, in directions such as jazz or the most avant-garde electronic music, without being tempted by the fusion with pop. Retrieving original texts on the Gnawa rhythm and color, the group creates its own themes on current issues such as racism, peace and ecology.

His first two works emerge from this work, Sabil 'a' Salaam (2000) and Bouderbala (2002), in which they mix the sounds of instruments from Central Africa (djembes, sabar) with the mandolin, Indian tabla, bendir, karkaba and the lute. Magical and fascinating.

01. Ana, Anta
02. Yo-mala
03. Salaam Aleikum
04. Marhaba
05. Allah
06. Hamdushi
07. Shema
08. Hammeadi
09. Torkalila

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