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Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Steve Shehan - Alif - 2002

Born of a Turkish and Egyptian family and living in the United States, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, multi-instrumentalist par excellence, symbolizes that variety in the unity that constitutes the Mediterranean, the land in which the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe converge, and also symbolizes , Turkey, geographical and cultural crossroads of the Mediterranean. And the letter alif is the initial of Allah, Divine Realization of Love and love in all its forms (divine love, love of life and romantic love) is the common thread of the themes of this album Alif (released in 2002), which constitutes a milestone in Faruk's distinguished professional career for his emphasis on modern performances of traditional chants, his perfectly executed chants and the participation in it of international talents: the producer and multi-instrumentalist Steve Shehan, the Greek singer Glikería, the Israeli singer Zahava Ben, Persian singer Mamak Khadem, Bulgarian singer Galina Durmushliyska, Turkish singer Suzy and Spanish guitarist José Antonio Rodríguez Muñoz.

Tracks list:
01. Dulger
02. Gardener
03. Laundry Girl
04. Dark Eyes
05. Shinanay
06. Don't Cry My Love
07. Alif
08. Dadash
09. Take a Flight
10. Ya Bouy
11. Lachin
12. Forbidden Love

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