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Omara Portuondo - Flor de amor - 2004

In 1996, during the Buena Vista Social Club recording, OmaraPortuond was invited to sing a bolero and she chose “Veinte años”. She sang it with Compay Segundo, and it became one of the album's highlights. Often called the Edith Piaf of Cuba, she has thrilled audiences in cabarets and Havana nights. The passionate and moving honesty of her voice has made her one of the most beloved figures in Cuban music. But, like Ibrahim Ferrer, she had to wait for the said album to enjoy international recognition.
Flower of Love, released in 2004, reveals the richest and most subtle texture in Omara's voice. Backed by a renowned band of "first-class" Cuban musicians, along with an excellent selection of Brazilian musicians, the singer sounds truly majestic, with new songs and new interpretations of classic repertoires giving the album its distinctive sound.

01. Tabú
02. Amor de mis amores
03. Alma de roca
04. Mueve la cintura mulato
05. Junto a un cañaveral
06. Hermosa Habana
07. El Madrugador
08. Amorosa guajira
09. Habanera ven
10. Si llego a besarte
11. Flor de amor
12. Juramento
13. He venido a decirte
14. Casa calor

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