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Esperanza Spalding - Chamber Music Society - 2010

The double bass player, vocalist and composer Esperanza Spalding, gifted with surprising instrumental talent, polyglot and with an angelic voice, presents her latest work Chamber Music Society, an album that has earned her the Grammy Award for Newcomer Artist of the year 2011.

North American with Mexican blood, she learned to play the violin in a self-taught way in just one year, earning a position in the "Chamber Music Society" of Oregon, her hometown. Occupying the position of violin soloist at the age of fifteen, she discovered the double bass and all the possibilities that, far from the classical universe, that instrument opened to her. Years later, he breaks into blues, funk, hip-hop and other musical styles in local circuit clubs, being at the "Berklee College of Music" where he begins to link all the pieces that he acquires in the baggage and to open all the doors to him. , graduating and being hired as a teacher with just twenty years.

Having worked with artists of the stature of Michel Camilo, Pat Metheny and Nando Michelin, in her first solo album Junjo (2006), published by the Spanish label Ayva Music, she formed a trio with Cubans Aruán Ortiz on piano and Francisco Mela. Nine pieces that draw a musical journey that goes from modern jazz to contemporary Brazilian music, passing through Argentine folklore, where Spalding composes and arranges as if she were a veteran artist. In Esperanza (2008) she exudes freshness in each and every one of her songs, being accompanied, in the recording studio, by the musicians Niño Josele (flamenco guitar), Horacio "El Negro" Hernández (drums), Donald Harrison (sax) and James Haddad (percussion), among others.

In ChamberMusicSociety (2010), Esperanza Spalding once again brings together styles as different as jazz, soul and bossa nova, fusing Latin rhythms such as tango and the Argentine chacarera with her vast musical knowledge. Co-produced by Spalding herself and Gil Goldstein, the album features the pianist Leo Genovese, the drummer and percussionist QuintinoCinalli, Milton Nascimento (who voices the song "Apple Blossom") and the excellent vocalist GretchenParlato as support in " Useless Paisagem "and" Knowledge Of Good And Evil ". Esperanza Spalding once again shows that jazz is a style in permanent evolution and that she clearly guides her music in this direction.

Tracks list:
01. Little Fly
02. Knowledge Of Good and Evil
03. Really Very Small
04. Chacarera
05. Wild Is The Wind
06. Apple Blossom
07. As A Sprout
08. What A Friend
09. Winter Sun
10. Inútil Paisagem
11. Short And Sweet

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