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Jazz Playground - 2010

Jazz Playground (2010), within the "Putumayo Kids" collection, is a new selection of international jazz aimed at both families and people who want to get into the subject. From bebop and swing, to Latin jazz, gypsy jazz, Brazilian bossa nova and African jazz, this multicultural album celebrates the vibrant global diversity of jazz, showing us how artists in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania they have adopted jazz incorporating their own sounds.

As is customary in Putumayo, the libretto is presented with delightful illustrations for each theme by Nicola Heindl, with the introduction in English, Spanish, French and German.

Tracks list:
01. Lewis Franco &The Missing Cats - Stomp, Stomp (USA)
02. Chris McKhool - Spider-man (Canada)
03. Jose Conde - Cumbamba (USA/Cuba)
04. Triocéphale - Sur Le Pont d'Avignon (France)
05. Oran Etkin with Charenee Wade - Little Lamb Jam (Israel/USA)
06. Kinderjazz - Gazooba (Australia)
07. Barbara Morrison - Sing a Song of Sixpence (USA)
08. Trapperdetrap - Zuignapje (The Netherlands)
09. Selloane with Famoro Dioubaté - Shortnin' Bread (South Africa/Guinea)
10. The Mighty Buzzniks - Agree & Disagree (Australia)
11. Gui Tavares - Dois Meninos (Brazil)
12. Modern Conya - Oyatsu no Jikan (Japan)
13. Ingrid Lucia - This Little Light of Mine (USA)

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