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Lura - Herança - 2015

Lura's new album, considered one of the best musical exponents in Cape Verde, is a vibrant, danceable and very Cape Verdean album, focused on the energizing musical genre of the archipelago. Herança (Patrimonio) (2015) perfectly follows the natural progression of Lura's discography after Di Korpuku Alma (2005), M'bem di fora (2006) and Eclipse (2009).

Herança is another golden opportunity to re-explore its rich culture and its people, its tradition and its music in the company of the most melodious and charismatic singers from a whole generation of artists from the African country. With songs composed by Lura herself, Mário Lúcio, Kaka Barbosa and Tcheka, the album includes the collaboration of three important guests: the Brazilian poet and musician Naná Vasconcelos ("Herança"), Richard Bona in "Barco di Papel" ( who wrote with Lura) and rising star Elida Almeida in "Nhu Santiagu."
Lura's voice and each of the songs on the album remind us how the essence of multiculturalism and traditional Creole music has given rise to a universal vocal genre, at the heart of Africa's best kept secret: Cape Verde.

01. Sabi di Más
02. Somada
03. Di Undi Kim Bem
04. MantenhaCudado
05. NhuSantiagu (con Elida Almeida)
06. Ness Tempo di NhaBidjissa
07. Ambienti Más Seletu
08. Herança (con Naná Vasconcelos)
09. Barco di Papel (con Richard Bona)
10. X da Questão
11. Sema Lopi
12. Maria di Lida
13. Goré
14. CidadeVelha

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