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Pierre Bensusan - Intuite - 2000

Intuite is the first fully solo and fully acoustic recording by Pierre Bensusan in a professional career that began in 1976 with his album Près de Paris. Although he never took formal guitar lessons, Bensusan is among the most respected guitarists in the world and has been dubbed the Claude Monet of the guitar. Apart from recordings, he has also produced various educational books and videos for guitarists. Born in Algeria in 1957, he moved with his family to Paris when he was four years old. It took its early influences from the folk revival of the 1960s, but the breadth of its influences goes far beyond that, with flavors running through jazz, classical, medieval, and world music, in particular, music. Celtic. All of these styles can be heard on Intuite, perhaps the most striking example is the track that gives the album its title. This is one of seven pieces dedicated to other musicians, in this case the Iraqi lute player Munir Bachir. Bensusan skillfully mimics the Arabic lute modality even though he currently sticks exclusively to the unusual DADGAD guitar tuning.
The piece dedicated to British guitarist John Renbourn "En Route From Scarborough," is cleverly borrowed from the classic melody "Scarborough Fair", although this and all the other compositions are his own. Another highlight is "La Hora Española", which effectively evokes an Iberian atmosphere without resorting to clichés. not using voices or other instruments, Intuite is a series of 11 narrative and abstract themes, ideal music to relax after a stressful day.

1. Kadourimbou
2. The Welsh Arrow
3. So Long Michael
4. Intuite
5. Bouree Voltige
6. Le Jardin d' Adonis
7. La Hora Española
8. L' Alchimiste
9. Agadiramadan
10. En Route From Scarborough
11. Silent Passenger 

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