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Lingo Seini et son groupe - Musique Hauka


One of the first full-length recordings of Hauka's ritual music. Songs of praise and sacred incantations to the spirits to inhabit the body. Call-and-response chants, the play of a monotone lute, and incessant percussion combine in a non-stop dizzying session.

The Hauka movement began nearly a century ago and has persisted outside of Nigerian society. Documented in Jean Rouch's 1955 film Les maîtres fous, the Hauka are a pantheon of spirits reflected in colonial and military figures. Central to the religion is the "Holley Hori" possession ceremony, a ritual driven by militaristic percussion music, in which spirits enter the body in powerful and violent manifestations.

Lingo Seini has played ritual music for almost 60 years, learning from her father. She is joined by her son Youssouf on the pumpkin and Issaka Moulla, playing her homemade kuntigi. The group regularly accompanies the Hauka priests at ceremonies. Recorded with a single microphone on the outskirts of Niamey.

1. Gomno Ankreyze 09:38

2. Captain Salma 07:43

3. Sadji Blau 02:39

4. Gomno 03:23

5. Medina 02:50

6. Sergent Kadri 01:35

7. Arne 04:00

8. Fadimata 05:02

9. Kaffrand Gardi 04:22

10. Adiza 00:54

11. Captain Marseille 00:55

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