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Lokkhi Terra - Cubangla


The children of Mother Africa make her proud once again by spreading her spirit in what is a rather large diaspora, considering that she spent quite a bit of time alongside the cradle of humanity. And just at the moment when he needs a bit of flattery to get up and stop feeling sorry for himself, in Lokhi Terra steps with Cubangla, another addition to a pantheon that already includes Afro-Celt Sound System. A pantheon that has mixed the traditions of an older world with those of a comparatively new world, giving space to breathe and evolve to great effect.

If that sounds familiar to you, it can only be because this is but the latest chapter in a story that dates back at least a few billion years, giving you decent enough time to prep and boil here. The melting pot is bubbling over, a massive contributor to your score here ... Bangla roots reggae, Bengali folk, Sufi samba. Nice enough on your own, but throw them together and now we're really gas cooking, the first two guests at the table no less than Rada and Krishna (protagonists of 'Kala Re'). Can you really trust him, or is he a curtain for the god of love?

1 Kala Re 4:10

2 Como 8:59

3 Bhromor 4:31

4 Lal Mere 5:18

5 Badaam 5:10

6 Cubangla 5:59

7 Kon Kole Revisited 7:05

8 Bhandari Revisited 4:28 

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