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Odetta - Christmas Spirituals


Christmas Spirituals is the name of two albums recorded by American folk singer Odetta. The first was released in 1960 on Vanguard Records. The second, a new recording of nearly all the same songs, produced by Rachel Faro at White Crowe Audio in Burlington, Vermont, was originally released in 1987 on Alcazar Records and was reissued digitally in 2007 on Ashe Records. Both albums feature Bill Lee, Spike Lee's father on double bass.

Here we have the first album released 1960.

1. Rise Up Sheperd And Follow 1:46

2. What Month Was Jesus Born In 2:26

3. Mary Had A Baby 1:53

4. Somebody Talking 'Bout Jesus 2:05

5. Virgin Mary Had One Son 3:09

6. Go Tell It On The Mountain 2:32

7. Shout For Joy 1:57

8. Poor Little Jesus 2:51

9. O Jerusalem 3:21

10. Ain'T That A - Rockin' 2:00

11. If Anybody Asks You 2:54

12. Beautiful Star 2:46

13. Children Go Where I Send Thee. 2:02 

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