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Putumayo Presents - A Jazz & Blues Christmas


Jazz and blues have had their share of Christmas recordings over the years, and Christmas jazz can easily work alongside Christmas blues, which is what happens at Putumayo Presents: Jazz & Blues Christmas. This Christmas-oriented compilation has one foot in jazz and the other foot in blues; The ten-track CD is quite diverse, from vocal jazz in Canadian singer Emilie-Claire Barlow's playful rendition of "Santa Baby" to electric urban blues in B.B. King. Many of the tracks combine elements of jazz and blues, including Charles Brown's "Santa's Blues", Topsy Chapman's and Lars Edegran's cover of "The Christmas Blues" by Lars Edegran, and the arrangement of Dukes of Dukes of "Merry Christmas, Baby." Dixieland.

1. BB King - Christmas Celebration

2. Charles Brown - Santa’s Blues

3. Randy Greer & Ignasi Erraza Trio - Wrap Yourself In A Christmas Package

4. Emilie-Claire Barlow Santa Baby

5. Ray Charles - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

6. Ramsey Lewis Trio - Here Comes Santa Claus

7. Dukes Of Dixieland Feat. Luther Kent - Merry Christmas Baby

8. Topsy Chapman & Lars Edegran - The Christmas Blues

9. Riff Ruffin - Xmas Baby

10.Mighty Blue Kings - All I Ask For Christmas

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