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Cecile Corbel - Vagabonde


After the album La Fiancée, a baroque album released in 2014, Cécile Corbel delivers an album that she describes as "lighter, catchier, more cheerful". It goes back to the original etymology of folk: popular. A record where of course there are complaints that make you cry, but also work songs or songs to dance and share. Vagabonde is thus melodic, carefree, open. For this album, the harpist, singer, composer, traces the thread of folk in a very modern way, in thirteen songs, with guests: young French groups like Poppy Seeds or The Moorings, inspired by Irish pubs and Pogues. ; the Scots, Manran, invited to a suite of Irish dances; a Senegalese man with a golden voice, Faada Freddy; the very young singer Pomme, who recently visited us for a series of concerts in Quebec. And then Gabriel Yacoub, founder in 1973 of the iconic French folk group Malicorne. Vagabonde was recorded at his house in the country.

1 Working Song 3:28

2 La fille sans nom 3:32

3 Waterfalls 3:07

4 Les courants d'air 4:09

5 The Berry 3:53

6 Belfast (Medley) 7:18

7 Liam 3:25

8 Winterchild 3:45

9 Mama Always Told Me 3:44

10 Pierre et Marion 3:09

11 Dwelling Of The Moon 3:12

12 Entre ses bras 3:31

13 Under The Lake 4:27 

Fuente: http://www.radiominorias.com/2021/02/cecile-corbel-vagabonde.html

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