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Tuff Lion - Ten Strings - Islas Vírgenes - Caribe - 2008


Tuff Lion is an artist, himself, who could well be described as a ‘modern classic’. The very fact that you and I are existing in a frame of life which happens to not only coincide with this man’s own, but this man making music at the height of his powers is something really special. Long a fixture on the Virgin Islands Reggae scene, the Lion has played for just about every remotely prominent and gifted Reggae artist from out of the VI as a producer, a musician, an arranger, a writer and pretty much just everything you could want. In 2007, the master guitarist from out of St. Croix released his very own debut album, the very well received ”Utterance”, which actually featured him taking things to the mic and singing throughout the very strong affair. The very next year, however, he outdid himself and did so in the most natural and organic way that he possibly could without uttering a single syllable on one of the finest albums the region has ever produced. “Ten Strings”

On an album like this, besides the quality of a particular sound and song (which is unquestionable in this case), everything is left to the individual perceiving that sound. What I mean is that, when I analyze these songs, where there’re no lyrics, I’m likely (and hopefully) to get something out of them which you won’t and which Tuff Lion didn’t when he made the songs. The album was pushed by I Grade Records, and was, essentially, Tuff Lion’s own musical efforts on some of the riddims from I Grade - Basically placing music where there is generally lyrics. The results were outstanding and probably pretty difficult to analyze. I think I’ll try it anyway. 

Track Listing

1. Yad Along

2. Vibes Presentation

3. Majestic Honor

4. Coming Home

5. Indigo Tides

6. Burning Bush

7. Kindred Spirit

8. Ivahlasting

9. A Different Iration

10. Lalibella

11. Love Is All

12. Zion Awake

13. Firm Foundation

14. Set Dem Free

15. Fly Away

16. Carry On

17. Blessed Feeling

18. Ancient Trees

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