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World Music Network - The Rough Guide to The Music of Jamaica - 2001


Laurel Aitken - Mas Charlie (Prisoner Song)

Basil Gabbidon - going Back to ja

Maytals - John & James

Baba Brooks - Shank i Sheck

Ken Boothe & Stranger Cole - Home Home Home

Phyllis Dillon - Don't stay away

Lord Creator - Such is life

Roland Alphonso - Payton Place

John Holt - Everybody needs love

Impact all stars featuring tommy mccook - Jaro

I Roy - Hospital Trolley

Cornel - Campbell - I shall not remove

Dennis Brown - Together Brothers

Big Youth - Wolf in sheep clothing

Lpez Walker - Fly Away

Triston Palma - Spliff Tail

Junior Reid - Boom shack a lack

Home t, Cocoa tea & shabba ranks - holding on

Yami Bolo - Blood a run

Luciano - Poor & Simple

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