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Art Blakey - Dr. John & David 'Fathead' Newman - Bluesiana Triangle I - 1990


Three great veterans combine efforts on this recording for an album of blues-oriented staple material. In a classic jam session format, Art Blakey, Dr. John and David "Fathead" Newman join forces in a fun and diverse gathering of three virtuosos.

Bluesiana Triangle was an American jazz, blues, and funk group, featuring Dr. John (keyboards, guitar, vocals), David "Fathead" Newman (saxophone, flute), and Art Blakey (drums). They released two albums for Windham Hill Records. Their second album also featured trombonist Ray Anderson, drummer Will Calhoun (who replaced Art Blakey, who had died prior to the recording session for the second album), bassists Essiet Okon Essiet and Jay Leonhart (on different tracks) and percussionist Joe Bonadio, The resulting music again justifies the name, blues played in a funky Louisiana style with plenty of room for extended jazzy solos. Although much of the material was written by Dr. John and he sings from time to time, this is not a conventional Dr. John vocal album.

For the Windham Hill Jazz label, this album offers a fresh and powerful perspective on the blues genre, which some may feel has stalled. This group has breathed new life and excitement into music while remaining true to its roots. Bluesiana Triangle is an excellent and diverse collection from an equally excellent and diverse group of musicians who came together to celebrate the styles they know. 

Bluesiana Triangle is an album by Art Blakey, as well as the name of the short-lived American jazz, blues and funk group that recorded it, consisting of Blakey (drums), Dr. John (keyboards, guitar, vocals) and David "Fathead" Newman (saxophone, flute).

After Blakey's death, the group released a second album, featuring drummer Will Calhoun (who replaced Art Blakey), trombonist Ray Anderson, bassists Essiet Okon Essiet and Jay Leonhart (on different tracks), and percussionist Joe Bonadio.

Bluesiana Triangle I (1990)

01. Heads Up (5:44)

02. Life's a One Way Ticket (5:35)

03. Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me (10:15)

04. Need To Be Loved (3:42)

05. Next Time You See Me (4:50)

06. When The Saints Go Marchin' In (6:19)

07. For All We Know (6:37)

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