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Blick Bassy - Hongo Calling


Blick Bassy takes us on a true live adventure, from Central Africa, through Benin, Senegal and Cape Verde, to Brazil. He invites us to travel with him through very different soundscapes, with eyes closed, as in the trance induced by the ceremonies of the idingo, an ancestral ritual of the Bassa people of him. Thus, we follow, through space and time, the different variations of the "mushroom", traditional music related to the "assiko" that marks the rhythms of the life of the people, through the good and the bad. From track to track, we ran into some wacky musicians ... but from the first to the last note, all we really hear is "some Blick Bassy" ... 

1 Liké 3:41

2 Nyango 3:28

3 Likanada 4:40

4 Hongo Lipèm 2:37

5 Bolo Mo 3:32

6 Ndjéck 5:30

7 Lola 3:32

8 Je Te Ya Mo 2:48

9 Iléla 1:04

10 Hémle 2:58

11 Sabada 3:20

12 Fala Português 3:12

13 Omaya 3:56

14 SDF 3:47

15 Lullaby Mangond 1:18 

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