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Richard Bona & Mandekan Cubano - Heritage - 2016


Richard Bona's ninth studio album, Heritage (2016), is dedicated to the Afro-Cuban tradition, those musics that traveled together with slaves from the west coast of the African continent to the Caribbean. A painfully vast number of African men and women who were uprooted from their villages, stripped of what little they had and forcibly taken to plantations in America to be exploited. Music was all they could carry and keep in the new lands.

Heritage is a kind of Cuban rhythms as delicious as they are rhythmic, lilting, enveloping, danceable and festive that follow one another. The multi-instrumentalist virtuoso is accompanied by Mandekan Cubano to produce a memorable album: Osmany Paredes (piano and keyboards, Cuba), Luisito Quintero (percussion, Venezuela), Rey Alejandre (trombone, Mexico), Dennis Hernández (trumpet, Cuba) and Roberto Quintero (percussion, Venezuela). An ensemble in which the montuno dialogues with East African jazz and folklore. Hence the name "Mandekan", ritual of ancestors under the influence of the Douala, Bambara and Mandingan languages. An outstanding work, which once again confirms Richard Bona's ability to assemble cultures and influences without losing an iota of his elegance and sophistication. 

01. Aka Lingala Tè

02. Bilongo

03. Matanga

04. Jokoh Jokoh

05. Cubaneando

06. Essèwè Ya Monique

07. Santa Clara con Montuno

08. Ngul Mekon

09. Muntula Moto

10. Eva

11. Kivu

12. Kwa Singa

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