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Eleni Karaindrou - L' Africana - Grecia


Eleni Karaindrou. Her music is a soft flow towards the beauty that is always beyond pain and suffering. It is a river with calm and transparent waters that takes us, from backwater to backwater, along that one-way trip that is life. Diving into that river, letting yourself be carried away by those calm waters, is a sensual and mystical experience. Everything in Eleni Karaindrou's music is beauty, harmony, poetry… and silence.

Born in Teichio, a small Greek mountain village, in 1939, after having studied archeology, history and musical composition in Athens, she moved to Paris to study ethnomusicology and orchestration. Her work has focused, almost always, on musical creation for film and theater, a field in which she has collaborated with geniuses such as Harold Pinter. Musicians like Jan Garbareck often accompany her in her performances. The world of opera has also attracted her strongly, having composed one of it about the world of Greek tragedy: The Trojans. In 1984 she met Angelopoulos and began that fabulous musical career that has led her to create some of the most beautiful Original Soundtracks in film history. His music and the images of Angelopoulos form an indissoluble one, a one where the light of twilight and dawn lives, that of fog, that of night and, above all, that atavistic light that is born within us and that illuminates our eternal journey between birth and death. 

1. Titres Et Reve D'anna

2. Le Telegramme- Blues De Victor

3. Erklar Mir, Liebe (Explique Moi, Amour) - Theme Du Passe

4. Le Rituel

5. Martha Se Souvient - Theme Du Passe

6. Victor Pense A Martha - Blues

7. Martha S'en Va Et Pleure - Theme Du Passe

8. Theme De La Danse - Trahison

9. Theme De Passe

10. Blues De Victor

11. Martha Pleure

12. Le Reveil D'anna

13. Theme Du Passe. Variation A. "Tu M'a Manque"

14. Theme De La Fontaine

15. La Passion Retrouve - Theme Du Passe

16. Theme De La Fontaine Et Des Menhirs

17. Theme De Passe Variation A

18. Svinarski Sait Tout - Blues

19. Theme De La Danse. Finale.

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