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Ibrahima Cissokho & Le Mandingue Foly - Yanfu - 2016

Ibrahima Cissokho offers with his kora an authentic Afro rock groove. With one foot in the tradition of his condition as Griot, the other in contemporary music with amplified melodies of rock and funk as references, created by his way of playing the kora, Mandingo music of the 21st century.

Living in France since 2008, Ibrahima, in voice and kora, is a complete artist. Charismatic singer-songwriter, who did not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunities that make him a unique musician. He surrounded himself with his faithful backing band, Le Mandingue Foly, with whom he made a European tour and scenes from around the world, thus creating a tasty cocktail of influences, his powerful and warm voice, he sang solidarity, love, the awakening of the spirits. He wishes to transmit the values ​​that are dear to him and engender unity through his creations.

IbrahimaCissokho: Voice, Kora

Françoise Veilhan: bass, percussion, vocals

Laurent Baradel: flautapeul

Gregory Boudras: Drums


KhadimSene: Sabars

Petit Adama Diarra: Djembe, Acoustic Guitar

Guillaume Lavergne: keyboards

HadjaKouyaté: Choirs

SoryDiabaté: baláfon

Orlando Julius: Saxophone 

01. Bayo

02. Solidarité

03. Tiedo (feat. Petit Adama Diarra&SoryDiabate)

04. SerigneSaliou

05. Yanfu (feat. Petit AdamaDiarra&HadjaKouyate)

06. Diula

07. Kanou (feat. SoryDiabate)

08. Manduleen

09. DinalaSetsi

10. Sénégal (feat. Orlando Julius)

11. Mouridoulaye

12. MandingueFoly (feat. Petit AdamaDiarra)

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