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L’Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio - Sona - 2006


Since their first concert in 2002, closing the Romaeuropa Festival, the members of L´Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio (from Hungary, Ecuador, Tunisia, Morocco, India to Senegal, Cuba and Argentina) have transformed their roots and cultures into a single language, music. The Orchestra is inspired by the history of each artist, proposing a brilliant mix of folk with sounds of rock, pop, reggae, spiced with original instruments, memories, remote melodies and voices from far away places. A fresh and energetic sound that presents Rome as one of the cultural and musical crossroads of the world.

The Orchestra was born from an idea by Mario Tronco and the filmmaker Agostino Ferrente around the area of ​​the homonymous square, where most of the inhabitants are immigrants, and is developed with the Apollo 11 Cultural Association, a project of artists, intellectuals , professionals and residents of the Esquilino district of Rome in order to promote interculturality in an area. Its staging offers a powerful message of brotherhood and peace in a way that no other statement, meeting or television debate is capable of. But beyond its political and social value, L'Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio promotes the investigation and integration of various musical repertoires that are often unknown to the general public, contributing, at the same time, to the improvement of isolation conditions. cultural and social that many of the artists often have to endure.

A wonderful anomaly in the polluted sea of ​​pop music that cannot be pigeonholed into a specific category. L´Orquesta di Piazza Vittorio is a "product", without an objective. Music that manages to be free and structured, at the same time, linked to tradition but open to the future. Music for everyone and for everyone.


Houcine Ataa (Tunisia, vocals)

Peppe D´Argenzio (Italy, soprano and baritone sax, clarinet)

Evandro Cesar Dos Reis (Brasil, cavaquinho, classical guitar)

Ernesto "El Kiri" López Maturell (Cuba, congas, drums)

Omar López Valle (Cuba, trumpet, flugelhorn)

John Maida (United States, violin)

Eszter Nagypal (Hungary, violoncello)

Gaia Orsoni (Italy, viola)

Carlos Paz Duque (Ecuador, vocals)

Pino Pecorelli (Italy, double bass, electric bass)

Raul "Cuervo" Scebba (Argentina, marimba, congas, percussions, timpani)

El Hadji YeriSamb (Senegal, vocals, djembe, dumdum, sabar)

"Kaw" Dialy Mady Sissoko (Senegal, vocals, kora)

Giusseppe Smaldino (Italy, horn)

Ziad Trabelsi (Tunisia, vocals, oud)

Mario Tronco (Italy, Fender Rhodes)


Mahahub Khan (India, harmonium, vocals)


01. Sona

02. EnaFintidaarh'k

03. Fela

04. Helo Rama Per

05. Laila

06. BaleshTebsni

07. EnaAndi

08. Sandina

09. Vagabundo Soy

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