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Omar Sosa - Mulatos - 2004


Omar Sosa, an exceptional Cuban musician and pianist, masterfully recreates the fusion of rhythms from his African roots with elements of Cuban popular music, jazz, and using elements of electronics or hip hop sounds in his recordings and live performances. .

In Mulatos (2004) he continues to count on the collaboration of musicians from different cultures such as DhaferYoussef (oud), Steve Argüelles (percussion, electronics), Dieter Ilg (double bass), Philippe Foch (tabla), Renaud Pion (clarinet), and Paquito D 'Rivera on clarinet, one of Omar's great idols. In 2006, Mulatos Remix was released, a refreshing rereading of Mulatos where it incorporates new sounds. In 2006 he was nominated once again for a Grammy for Mulatos for best Latin Jazz album and for the "BBC Radio 3 Awards for WorldMusic". 


01. Ternura

02. Nuevo Manto

03. La Tra

04. Reposo

05. La Llamada

06. Dos Caminos

07. Iyawo

08. L3zero

09. El Consenso

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