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Pantsula! - The Rise of Electronic Dance Music in South Africa - 1988 - 90

Kwaito is a genre embedded in the blood and bones of South African music lovers. Taking its inspiration from the rhythms of slow motion, the kwaito became the sound of a generation and a well-received musical innovation after the apartheid regime.

 The genre not only helped to unify a nation, but also gave rise to its own physical expression in the form of the "Pantsula" dance. 20 years later, kwaito and Pantsula have become a kind of lost art. But its resurgence has excited many dance music fans, and 2017 seems to be the year of the rise of South African dance music culture.

 The 12 tracks selected for Pantsula! they come from a very unique time and place, very different. They represent the birth of electronic dance music in South Africa, through the songs of a particular independent label of the time: MusicTeam. The sound represents the culmination of the bubblegum era, when South African disco artists overcame their American influences and forged an increasingly electronic and "local" pop sound.

Evolving in time from long before the 1980s, Pantsula's distinctively South African subculture is more closely associated with a distinctive attitude, style, and dance, rather than a specific sound. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Pantsula was also the name given to a new kind of dance music taking to the streets of South Africa, influenced by the earlier bubble gum and the rise of Shangaan Disco, but with an appeal. much wider and harder, purely electronic sound 

01. The Equals - New Lover

02. Jazino - Ushelakanjani

03. Jivaro - What Next

04. S.Y.B - Jika Magogo

05. Scotch Band - Watsotasama

06. Kakappa - Sisonke

07. Spirro - Ma Hero (Dub Mix)

08. The Hard Workers - Ayoba-yo

09. Ayobayo Band - Sorry Bra

10. Rush feat. Linda Ziqubu - Sobohla Manyosi

11. Chaka - Via Tembisa

12. La Viva - Go Siami

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