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Quinteto Violado - Quinteto Violado - Brasil - 1972


This is the group's debut album, recorded and released in 1972. The original edition of the vinyl LP had a special mix on "Asa Branca", where the bass stood out and this became a kind of "brand" for the group.

The album was not reissued for 30 years, becoming a "cult".

In 2003 Universal Music released a CD version which soon sold out.

To the admirers of the "Quintet" who didn't get their copy, I dedicate this post.

QUINTETO VIOLADO is an instrumental-vocal ensemble organized in 1970, in Recife PE, which is characterized by the interpretation of northeastern music and research on Brazilian folklore. Initially formed by Toinho (Antônio Alves, Garanhuns PE 1943), singing and acoustic bass; Marcelo (Marcelo de Vasconcelos Cavalcante Melo, Campina Grande PB 1946), singing, viola and guitar; Fernando Filizola (Limoeiro PE 1947); Luciano (Luciano Lira Pimentel, Limoeiro PE 1941), percussion, and Sando (Alexandre Johnson dos Anjos, Garanhuns, 1959), flutist, in the 1990s became part of Toinho, acoustic bass, composer, singer and musical director of the group ; Marcelo, guitarist, guitar player, singer and composer; Ciano (Luciano Alves, Garanhuns PE 1959); Roberto Menescal (Roberto Menescal Alves Medeiros, Garanhuns PE 1964), singer and percussionist; and keyboardist and arranger Dudu (Eduardo de Carvalho Alves, Recife PE 1970).

He performed for the first time, still without the name that made him famous, in January 1970, at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Federal University of Pernambuco. In October 1971, when he performed at the Teatro da Nova Jerusalem (Fazenda Nova PE), his members were called "the violated", giving rise to the Quinteto Violado. Gilberto Gil introduced them to producer Roberto Santana, from Phonogram, and the appearance of the set was praised by CaetanoVeloso.

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Encyclopedia of Brazilian Music


1 - Asa Branca (Luis Gonzaga/Humberto Teixeira)

2 - Freviola (Marcelo Melo)

3 - Sant'ana (Fernando Filizola)

4 - Reflexo (Luciano Pimentel/Fernando Filizola/Toinho Alves)

5 - Imagens do Recife (Deda/Marcelo Melo/Toinho Alves)

6 - Roda de ciranda (Marcelo Melo/Toinho Alves)

7 - Baião da garoa (Luis Gonzaga/Hervé Cordovil)

8 - Acauã (Zé Dantas)

9 - Marcha nativa dos índios Quirirís (Toinho Alves/Marcelo Melo)

10 - Vozes da seca (Zé Dantas/Luis Gonzaga)

11 - Agreste (Fernando Filizola/Sando)

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