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Rachid Taha - Bonjour


Rachid Taha (رشيدطه, in Arabic; Sig, Oran, September 18, 1958) is an Algerian singer.

He proposes an emblematic music of the tendency to mix the classes and cultural traditions characteristic of world music. The latter in different musical genres such as raï, techno, rock. He creates an inventive and original musical speech to the beat of his albums. In addition, his hoarse and raspy voice offers a very modern take on contemporary raï. He brings together, in 1997, all his hits under the title CarteBlanche before mentioning, between a respectful approach and technological contributions, his Algerian roots with Diwan, an album of resumes of great classics of Arabic song.

In 2014 he became famous in Spain by singing along with India Martínez the main theme of the film 'El Niño' 

01. Je t'aime Mon Amour

02. Mokhtar 

03. Ha Baby

04. Bonjour (with Gaetan Roussel)

05. Min Jai 

06. Mabrouk AAlik

07. Ila Liqa

08. This is An Arabian Song 

09. Sélu

10. Agi

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