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Salif Keita - La différence - 2010


La Différence is the new work by the Malian musician Salif Keita, with which he closes the acoustic trilogy that began with Moffou (2002) and M´Bemba (2005). In it he wanted to denounce the discrimination suffered by albinos in Africa.

The album has been recorded on acoustic, for this he has surrounded himself with prestigious session musicians such as Keletigui Diabaté (balafón), an institution in Malian music, the Algerian Mehdi Haddab, from Speed ​​Caravan (oud), the Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf, Vincent Segal (cello), Mamadou Kone (percussion), as well as Kante Manfila and Djelly Moussa Kouyaté on guitars.

Many of the songs included have been recorded on the banks of the Niger River, in Djoliba, his hometown. "Folon" and "Seydou" (from his album Folon, 2007) are new versions, masterful, with a new air in the absence of synthesizers. They are also songs full of angelic choirs ("Ekolo d´Amour", "San Ka Na", "Djélé") thanks to the great singers who always accompany the maestro. Themes that make up an album of plural vibrations, a homogeneous set above which the voice of a singer who totally dominates his art rises majestically.

The message of this fantastic set of songs is clear: rescue African albinos through their Foundation "The Salif Keita Global Foundation", created in 2001. But not only that:

"In the difference lies beauty, unfortunately this does not apply to everyone. When I launch this message in my songs, it is clear that I am addressing all those who have a difference, the deaf, the blind, the lame ... or even the whites who feel black, and also to the gays who in Africa are persecuted for their homosexuality. " 

Tracks list:

01. La Différence

02. San Ka Na

03. Seydou

04. Gaffou

05. Folon

06. Ekolo d'Amour

07. Djélé

08. Samigna

09. Papa

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