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Art Blakey - Dr. John & David 'Fathead' Newman - Bluesiana Triangle II - 1991


In the spring of 1991, Dr. John and Newman hosted this second Bluesiana session, featuring trombonist Ray Anderson, drummer Will Calhoun, bassists Essiet Okon Essiet and Jay Leonhart (on different tracks), and percussionist Joe Bonadio. The resulting music again justifies the name, the blues are played in a funky Louisiana style with plenty of room for an extended jazz solo. Although much of the material was written by Dr. John and he sings occasionally, this is not a conventional Dr. John vocal album. However, it does contain some great themes. 

Bluesiana Triangle II (1991)

01. Fonkalishus (5:59)

02. Doctor Blooze (3:33)

03. Cowan Woman (6:51)

04. For Art's Sake (8:13)

05. Skoshuss (5:19)

06. Love's Parody (3:30)

07. Santa Rosalia (5:33)

08. San Antone (4:30)

09. Montana Banana (5:30)

10. Tribute to Art (6:52) 

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