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Ba Cissoko - Séno - 2009


Ba Cissoko is the leader who gives its name to this formation that, with the kora as the protagonist (that ancient African stringed instrument), seduces the audience with traditional resonances mixed with rhythms from jazz, reggae, electronic, blues and rock.

Originally from Guinea and based in Marseille, the sound of this band created in 1999 has been described as "the meeting between Jimi Hendrix and East Africa". Made up of four members, Kimintan "Ba" Cissoko and Sékou Kouyaté do the vocals and play the kora; Ibrahima "Bah" Kounkouré and Ibrahima KourouKouyaté, percussion and bass respectively, and Abdoulaye Kouyaté accompany them with their virtuosity on guitar.

Descendants of Griot families (those African troubadours who carry the profound wisdom and oral tradition of a continent whose memory remains registered in the throats of its artists and elders), they start from the Mandingo tradition building a proposal based on the hypnotic acrobatics of the kora, the sensuality of fresh and catchy percussions and lyrics in French, English, Malinké or Susu that speak of the importance of recovering their cultural heritage and modernizing it at the same time. Seno, released in 2009, is their third album, where Latin influences, reggae, progressive rock, Afro-pop and blues are masterfully absorbed. 

Tracks list:

01. Séno

02. Badinia

03. Bambo

04. Yadou

05. Conakry

06. Africa Dance

07. Chauffeur Taxi

08. Nina

09. Tamo

10. Gambie

11. Music

12. Soumou

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