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Hadouk Trio - Baldamore - Francia


Hadouk is a play on words composed of hajhouj, African bass and Doudouk, Armenian oboe Hadouk Trio is a band like no other, founded by three adventurous poets and musicians, they show us charming nomad music, the spiritual and joyful light of Didier Malherbe (ex-Gong) master of the winds, Clarinettes, sax, flutes, ocarinas and the hajhouj, of course with the talent and grace of Steve Shehan the drum master plays both sticks and bare hands, as if he could talk to his team, lots of exotic percussion too. LoyEhrlich plays strings and keyboards, but also hajhouj, kora. the band has been 10 years without ever losing their faith in melodic experimentation of all kinds. Adding ethnic instruments to your sound (khen, Lao mouth organ, gumbass) mixes just the necessary amount of electronic sounds to your ethno-jazz. This album shows a serene and relaxed side of the band that on their previous recordings, it was also the perfect opportunity to invite a fourth man, pioneer in experimentation, Mr. John Hassel (trumpet), whom we heard on all three tracks. closing of this album, adding a bit more to the already exciting eclectic music of The Hadouk Trio. 

Recorded live at Les Cabaret Sauvages on 22 and 23 May 2007.

Loy Ehrlich - Bass [Gumbass, Hajouj], Kora, Keyboards

Steve Shehan - Djembe, Congas, Tom Tom, Goblet Drum [Derbouka], Shaker, Percussion [Calebasse], Waterphone, Drums [Daf, Hang], Electronic Drums [Handsonic], Cymbal, Bells, Musical Bow

Didier Malherbe - Duduk, Flute, Khene, Performer [Toupies], Ocarina 

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