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Vanessa da Mata - Sim - Brasil - 2007


Vanessa da Mata was born on February 10, 1976, in Alto das Garças, Mato Grosso - a small town 400 km from Cuiabá, surrounded by rivers and waterfalls. She is a descendant, on the part of her maternal grandmother, of the Xavantes Indians.

She heard a little bit of everything in her childhood. Luiz Gonzaga, Tom Jobim, Milton Nascimento and Orlando Silva. She also listened to local rhythms such as "carimbó", also listened to samba, country music, and even brega Italian music, sounds that arrive on AM radio waves.

In 1990, aged 14, Vanessa moved to Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, a city of one thousand two hundred kilometers from Alto das Garças. She went there alone, and lived in a boarding school. She was preparing to take the exam at the medical school. But she already knew what she wanted: to sing. At age 15, she started performing at local bars.

In 1992 she moved to São Paulo, where she started singing in Shalla-Ball, a female reggae band. Three years later, at age 19, the band toured with Jamaican Black Uhuru. Then she was part of a group of regional rhythms Mafuá. During this period, she still divided her time between her basketball and modeling careers (she stands 6 feet tall).

In 1997, aged 21, she met Chico César: with him, she wrote "A Força Que Never Seca". The song was recorded by MariaBethânia, who released it as the title of her 1999 album. The recording competed for the Latin Grammy and was also recorded on Chico's CD, "Mama Mundi".

Vanessa's voice and presence also began to draw attention. She performed shows with Milton Nascimento, Bethânia and in the last performances of Baden Powell. She was ready to debut her solo career.

YES, it is her third album, released in 2007. The album was recorded between Jamaica and Brazil. Of the 13 tracks, five feature Sly&Robbie, two icons of Jamaican music. YES is defined by its title as "a positive response to life, a fighting response."

It features the participation of Ben Harper, João Donato, Wilson das Neves, Don Chacal and a team of the new generation of Brazilian music, such as drummer Pupillo (NaçãoZumbi) and guitarists Fernando Catatau (Cidadão Instigado), Pedro Sá and DaviMoraes, among others. The year 2007 also marked the union of Vanessa and international singer Ben Harper, with the release of Boa Sorte / GoodLuck, which was one of the singer's greatest hits.

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Vanessa da Mata - Vocal

Ben Harper – Vocal en “Boa Sorte”

Robbie Shakespeare - Baixo

Sly Dunbar – Bateria

Sticky – Percussão

RobbieLyn – Teclados

Kassin – Guitarra

Pupillo – Bateria

Fernando Catatau – Guitarra

Roberto Pollo – Teclados

Pedro Sá – Guitarra acústica


01 – Vermelho

02 - FugiuCom A Novela

03 – Baú

04 - Boa Sorte (Good Luck)

05 – Amado

06 – Pirraça

07 - VocêVai Me Destruir

08 – Absurdo

09 - Quem Irá Nos Proteger

10 – Ilegais

11 - QuandoUmHomemTemUmaMangueira No Quintal

12 - Meu Deus

13 - MinhaHerança: Uma Flor

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