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Ba Cissoko - Nimissa - 2012


Since Ba Cissoko's group became known on the World Music festival network in the early 2000s, their sound has been mixing traditional Guinean rhythms with reggae, rock and blues. The peculiar way of using the wah-wah pedal with the electrified kora gave them the nickname "African Jimmy Hendrix", supported by a spectacular and fun stage game.

In Nimissa the group, already in quintet format completed by guitarist Abdoulaye Kouyaté and drummer Alhassane Camara "D’artagnan", opens up to the brass of the AvaSaty Marching Band fanfare and to the percussions of Laurent Rigaud "Samba".

Produced by Philippe Eidel (Khaled, Gypsy Kings), the result is an album with an impressive range of sounds, from the funky Afrogroove of the song "Ako" that opens the album, to the reggae of the committed "Politiki", the jazzy groove of " Djoulo Diata "or the psychedelic of the electric kora of" Kora Rocks ". A work rooted in the original Mandingo culture and with an open gaze on all kinds of horizons of one of the most prominent African groups of the moment. 

Tracks list:

01. Ako

02. Politiki

03. Loumo

04. Naboran

05. N´Tenlebidjé

06. Djoulo Diata

07. Kéléfaba

08. N´Gnoni Ba

09. Djéli Fatouma

10. Kora Rocks

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