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Third World - Journey To Addis - 1978 - Jamaica


In my opinion, one of the best bands when it comes to interpreting reggae fused with soul music. This is a great album, the creation of different climates is an achievement that should not go unnoticed. Excellent bass lines and vocal compositions on tracks like Rejoice, Cool Meditation, and Fret Not Theyself to name a few. Going a little deeper in the coming years to the album we have the cover we found, Now That We Found Love by O'Jays, making it to the Top Ten of the American R&B in 1979 as well as the Britisth pop Top Ten in that same anus. The simple 'Cool Meditation' made it to the British Top 20. 


One Cold Vibe (Couldn't Stop Dis Ya Boogie)

Cold Sweat

Cool Meditation

African Woman

Now That We Found Love

Journey To Addis

Fret Not Thyself


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