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Zvuloon Dub System - Anbessa Dub


ZvuloonDubSystem is Israel's leading reggae band. Taking its name from one of the twelve tribes of Israel, the band was formed in 2006 by the Smilan brothers. They shared the same passion for reggae and roots dub, influenced by varied musical styles, such as Ethiopian jazz from the 70s, soul, funk and jazz from the United States, along with Israeli Mizrahi music.


Gili Yalo - lead vocals

Inon Peretz - trumpet

IlanAdiri - tenor sax

Ilan Smilan - lead guitar

Simon Nahum - rhythm guitar

Lior Romano - piano and organ

Mal Marcus - bass

Asaf Smilan - drums and percussion

Guest artists :

Mahmoud Ahmed - voice (5)

Zemene Melesse - voice (8)

Yaacov Lilay - voices (7)

Krar (1,7,10)

Leave Manchelot - masinko (10)

Roei Hermon - trumpet (6, 9)

Yonatan Voltzok - trombone (1-5, 7)

Maayan Milo - trombone (6,8,9)

Omri Abramov - Alto Sax (1-3, 5-7,9)

Elad Gellert - baritone sax (1)

Shay SattamanJacovi - backing vocals (8) 

1.Alemitu 03:52

2.Tenesh Kelbe Lay 03:47

3.Sab Sam 03:55

4.Man Begelagelgni 03:30

5.Ney Denun Tieshe - feat. Mahmoud Ahmed 04:25

6.Yehoden Aweteche Lengeresh 03:52

7.Tsbukti Fetret – feat. Yaacov Lilay 04:06

8.Endemenesh - feat. Zemene Melesse 03:58

9.Zelel Zelel 04:09

10.Yene Almaz 03:39 

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