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Dj Dolores - 1 Real - 2008


DJ Dolores shows that in Brazil there is an astonishingly rich world beyond samba and bossa nova. The use of elements of popular music from the northeast of Brazil, mixed with electronic music, rock and dub influences, forms the stamp of DJ Dolores, the artistic name of Helder Aragão. His career began in the city of Recife at the end of the eighties. Until then he had been a documentary producer and graphic designer, but in the last four years Dolores has taken a step forward producing his own music from Recife's enormous harmonic and rhythmic legacy.

His style was evident in his first remixes for artists such as Gilberto Gil or Fernanda Porto.

In 1 Real, his last work to date, he combines traditional rhythms such as forró (a mixture of local rhythms that incorporates the European accordion, harmonica and zabumba of African origin), electric guitars, rhythm machines and computer programming . He recovers the music of the Jovem Guarda (Brazilian rock from the 60s) and pieces by musicians from the eighties such as Cadão Volpato, leader of the cult band Fellini. In "Danger Global Warming" he has the collaboration of ex-Stranglers Hugh Cornwell, as well as The Blacksmoke Organization. 


01. Deixa Falar

02. Tocando o Terror

03. Cala Cala

04. Proletariado

05. Wakaru

06. Shakespeare

07. J.P.S.

08. Flying Horse

09. Números

10. Mutant Child (Run, Run, Run)

11. Saudade

12. The Mind Inspector

13. Danger Global Warming (The Blacksmoke Organisation)

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