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Groundation - Hebron Gate - 2002 - USA


Groundation is a Californian band that has a modern reggae sound. The band's mission is to integrate the modern sound of this century with the roots reggae sensibility that was played in the past. " Stephen Davis, Author It is said that if you don't know your past, you won't know the future; Well, Groundation knows the past and is walking into the future, They capture the essence of true roots reggae and fuse it with Jazz and dub to elevate the genre to a new platform. National critics and the world's press praise his records and place Groundation among the most respected reggae bands in the world. Groundation was formed in the Jazz program on the Sonoma University campus in 1998, by Marcus Urani. (Piano / Keyboards / Organ), Ryan Newman (Bass) & Harrison Stafford (Vocals / Guitar). In 2000, David Chachere, a jazz trumpeter from San Francisco and Kelsey Howard, a trombonist from North Bay, joined, in 2003 the percussionist Mingo Lewis Jr. (son of the legendary percussionist from Santana Mingo Lewis), the Jamaican choristers Kim. Pommell & Stephanie Wallace join in 2004; the latest addition was jazz / fusion drummer Te Kanawa Haereiti, in July 2008, replacing “Papa” Paul Spina (Les Claypool, Motherbug). The Groundation sound can be described as an organic fusion of Roots Reggae and Funk / Jazz fusion with dub. The seeds of this progressive sound have been planted all over the world and today they are bearing fruit, since his first tour of Europe in 2004, Groundation has played in more than 30 countries on 4 continents, such as Poland, Greece, Brazil. and Israel. They have headlined festivals such as the Nice Jazz Fest (France), Summerjam (Germany), Rototom Sunsplash (Italy), The Cactus Festival (Belgium) and The Papa Kiki Festival (New Caledonia). His last tour in Europe reached a new record, filling with 6000 people Le Zenith, in Paris.

Marcus Urani (Piano / Keyboards / Organ)

Ryan Newman (Bass)

Harrison Stafford (Vocals / Guitar).

David Chachere: Trumpet Kelsey Howard: Trombone Mingo Lewis Jr .: Percussion 

1 - Jah Jah Know

2 - Babylon Rule Dem

3 - Silver Tongue Show

4 - Weeping Pirates

5 - Picture On The Wall

6 - Something More

7 - Hebron

8 - Freedom Taking Over

9 - Undivided

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