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Imarhan - Imarhan - 2016 - Argelia


Newcomers to the independent scene, the first album of the Tuareg group IMARHAN is produced by Eyadou Ej Leche Tinariwen to whom they have as little protégés.

Between traditional Tuareg music, desert funk, blues and psychedelics from the sun, IMARHAN was one of the revelations of the last Rennes Transmusicales.

Kurt Vile invited them to play on the first part of his European tour, Howe Gelb and Steve Shelley from Sonic Youth are fans.

The evidence that the group breaks the boundaries. Dancing like 70s funk, like deep and dense Americans like Tinariwen, psychedelic like 13th Floor Elevators, IMARHAN will haunt you.

  IMARHAN is the group that will love indie world music, the group that will make the world love rock lovers. 


1. Tarha Tadagh 

2. Tahabort 

3. Ibas Ichikkou 

4. Idarchan Net 

5. Assossamagh 

6. Imarhan 

7. Addounia Azdjazzaqat 

8. Id Islegh 

9. Arodj N-Inizdjam 

10. Alwak

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