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Djelimadi Tounkara - Sigui - 2002


Djelimady Tounkara is an impressive musician from Mali, both on acoustic and electric guitar, and on n'goni (a mixture of harp and lute), an instrument considered to be the African forerunner of the banjo. Tounkara began his career with jazz in the Missira area of Bamako in the 1960s, and was a founding member of the legendary The Rail Band of Bamako alongside Salif Keita and Mory Kanté. Since then he has done a great job to make the music of his country known to the world. In 2001 Djelimady Tounkara won the "BBC Radio 3 Awards For World Music" award for Africa, and in 2002 he launched Sigui on the market, work in which Tounkara reinterprets the traditional jeli (songs of the members of the caste responsible for keep an oral history of the village or tribe). 

Tracks list:

01. Mande Djeliou

02. Gnima Diala

03. Sigui

04. Ayebo

05. Diaoura

06. Amary Ndaou

07. Djanfa Magni

08. Samakoun

09. Makan Djan Woule

10. Senelalou

11. Yamaryo

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