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Gurrumul - Djarimirri - Child of the Rainbow


Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu (Galiwin'ku, Elcho Island, Australia, January 22, 1971-Tiwi, Darwin, Northern Territory; July 25, 2017) was an Australian aboriginal musician, who sang in the Yolngu language.

He was born on Galiwin'ku (Elcho Island), off the coast of Arnhem Land, in northern Australia, about 580 kilometers from Darwin. He belonged to the Gumatj clan of the Yolngu and his mother was from the Galpu nation.He was born blind, never learned braille and did not have a guide dog or use a white cane. Yunupingu spoke a few words of English, and he was said to be extremely shy.

He played drums, keyboards, guitar, and didgeridoo, but it was the clarity of his singing voice that had attracted rave reviews. He sang stories of his land in both languages (Galpu, Gumatj or Djambarrpuynu, all Yolŋu Matha) and English. Before Yothu Yindi, he is now with the Saltwater Band. 

1 Waak (Crow) 5:08

2 Galiku (Flag) 5:01

3 Ngarrpiya (Octopus) 6:09

4 Djarimirri (Child of the Rainbow) 5:08

5 Djolin (Musical Instrument) 5:56

6 Marrayarr (Flag) 7:42

7 Gapu (Freshwater) 5:21

8 Djilawurr (Scrubfowl) 5:04

9 Baru (Saltwater Crocodile) 5:50

10 Gopuru (Tuna Swimming) 6:34

11 Djapana (Sunset) 5:08

12 Wulminda (Dark Clouds) 7:56

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