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Seckou Keita SKQ - The Silimbo Passage - 2008


Known as "the Jimi Hendrix of the kora", Seckou Keita is a brilliant advocate of the lesser-known sounds of the kora repertoire of southern Senegal. The innovative twists he introduces into improvisation on this 21-string harp-lute distinguish Keita's sound, an eclecticism that is reflected in his quintet, whose members hail from Senegal, Italy, Egypt and the Gambia.

The Seckou Keita SKQ Quintet is one of the most acclaimed bands on their tours, seducing audiences from Montreal to Manchester, Sweden or Senegal with their captivating music and their wonderful ability to bring their instruments together. Seckou Keita SKQ is comprised of Seckou Keita himself on kora, Davide Mantovani on double bass, Surahata Susso on percussion, the distinctive sound of Samy Bishai on violin, and the charming voice of Binta Susso.

Seckou Keita sets himself apart from other musicians in his inimitably distinctive sounds, becoming one of the most innovative and creative kora players today. All the virtuosity and magic of Keita and his quintet are exhibited on the album The Silimbo Passage (2008). Unclassifiable and charming fresh sound. 

01. bemo

02. mande arab

03. fondingke

04. Chelima

05. miniyamba

06. kontedjula

07. souraressi

08. dingba don

09. kanuforo

10. missing you

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