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Tamikrest - Chatma - 2013


Tamikrest means "Intersection" in the language of the Kel Tamashek, a nomadic tribe from the north of the Sahara, commonly known as Tuaregs. The project is headed by Ousmane Ag Mossa and Wonou WaletSidati, the latter known for her involvement in Tinariwen. With them they share situations, influences and many of the sounds of the Tuareg culture (as can be seen in their previous works, Adagh, from 2010, and Toumastin, from 2011): like Tinariwen, Tamikrest has to live in exile due to to the political situation of his country, a condition that feeds his music, in a mixture of the traditional sound of the Sahara, rock and blues.

Recorded between the Czech Republic and Slovenia, the song that opens the album, "Tisnantan Chatma" ("The suffering of my sisters") is that sad tribute that sings to the oppression experienced by women in northern Mali. The album has absolutely hypnotic moments, as in "Itous", and others more leisurely, as in "Achaka Achail Aynaiandaghchilan", "Timtar" and "Adounia Tabarat", but the general tone is marked by the intensity of themes with a high influence of rock like "Imanin Bas Zihoun" or "Djanegh Etoumast".

A powerful, impeccable work, with a virtue shared by other groups and artists in the region: that of knowing how to transmit, like no one else, an attitude of struggle against pain through music. 

01. TisnantanChatma (The suffering of my sisters)

02. Imanin bas zihoun (Nothing will make my soul joyful)

03. Itous (The Objective)

04. AchakaAchailAynaiandaghchilan (Tomorrow, Another Day)

05. DJaneghetoumast (I Say To The People)

06. Assikal (The Journey)

07. Toumastanlet (We Have A People)

08. Takma (Pain)

09. Adouniatabarat (Life)

10. Timtar (Memories)

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