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Imam Baildi - Imam Baildi - 2007


Imam Baildi is a popular dish in Greek cuisine: eggplant stuffed with onions, garlic and tomatoes, cooked over low heat in olive oil. It is a very good mix, similar to the one that the brothers Lysandros and Orestis Falireas together with their band do musically. A bit of electro, a dash of hip hop and mambo, big band orchestration, and a good base of Greek sounds make Iman Baildi a perfect dish. Their sound is a perfect and unique urban mix based on the Greek tradition of bands from the forties and fifties. There is nothing like it in Greek music and it is not a homemade dish, since more than eight people participate in this band. They have released two albums since 2007, having great success in their country, Greece. They have also been in the top ten of the European "world music" lists on numerous occasions. The band is working on their next album that will be released in 2013. Iman Baildi is a dish that, without a doubt, you have to try.

In November 2010 Imam Baildi's new album “Imam Baildi Cookbook” was released. Its sounds remind us of a Greek orchestra from the 1950s revisited and interpreted through current and modern instruments. The touch of ancient Greek melodies and Balkan music serve as the basis for a rhythmic sound with percussion, hiphop, rumba and samba rhythms, all spiced up by saxophone, clarinet, trumpet and bagpipe solos in addition to the presence of the typical bouzouki and essential of the rembetiko and touches of gypsy guitar. Can't forget the voice: MC cheers up the crowd with his jovial ragga and the beautiful singer touches the hearts of the audience with her soulful voice. There you have it: Imam Baildi performing live. The melodies come from his album of recent compositions and Balkan music. It's made to make everyone dance!

Imam Baildi was created in 2005 by the brothers Orestis and Lysandros Falireas, who began to mix Greek melodies from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. The first album was produced by Imam Baildi and with his own label (Kukin Music) and was published by EMI Greece. The group's second album reached number 5 on the Europa World Music Charts and remained on the charts for more than 5 months.

1 Η Ζωή Μας Είναι Λίγη (I Zoi Mas Einai Ligi)

Keyboards – Σπύρος Μοσχούτης (Mosch Holiday) 5:49

2 Δε Θέλω Πια Να Ξαναρθείς (De Thelo Pia Na Xanarthis) 3:33

3 Samba Clarina

Clarinet – Αλέξανδρος Αρκαδόπουλος (Alexandros Arkadopoulos) 4:13

4 O Πασατέμπος (O Pasatempos) 4:54

5 Comely 5:47

6 To Μινόρε Της Αυγής (To Minore Tis Avgis)

Guitar – Μιχάλης Mich Μοσχούτης* (Michalis Moschoutis) 4:32

7 Τα Ξένα Χέρια (Ta Xena Heria)

Cello – Κωνσταντής Σφέτσας (Konstantis Sfetsas)

Guitar – Μιχάλης Mich Μοσχούτης (Michalis Moschoutis)

*Violin – Μάριος Φίλιπας (Marios Phillips) 4:49

8 Ντυμένη Σαν Αρχόντισσα (Ntymeni San Arhontissa) 3:51

9 Πόσο Λυπάμαι (Poso Lypamai) 4:20

10 Σούστα (Sousta)

Guitar – Μηνάς Λιάκος* (Minas Liakos) 6:17

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