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Izaline Calister - Speransa - 2009


Tumba, seú, Antillean waltz, musik di zumbi, tambú, are words that designate some of the rhythms of the island of Curaçao, in the Dutch Caribbean, land where the prodigious voice of Izaline Calister emerged. With this vast musical identity in tow, which is also manifested in the fact that she sings in her mother tongue (Papaiamento), Izaline ventures into a project that pours into jazz a style that is as explosive as it is sweet.

Izaline Calister is the muse of Curaçao, in the southern Caribbean, a small but tremendously musical island, where European, African and Caribbean styles converge.

She was raised in her native Curaçao until she was eighteen, at which age she emigrated to Groningen (Holland), she studied at the Prins Claus Conservatorium in the same city. Izaline began as part of Latin-jazz groups, participating in the work of Dissidenten, and as a vocalist for the Pili Pili Band, replacing the great Angélique Kidjo (until 1999). It was in this group where she met Tony Lakatos who would later accompany her in her first solo work, Soño di un muhé (2000), which was a real event in her country.

Mariposa (2002), Krioyo (Creolé, in Papiamento, 2004), Kanta Hélele (Sing Hélele, 2006) and Speransa (2009) are part of his works, an exciting musical experience full of native rhythms and powerful instrumentation in which the varied and tasty percussions stand out. Above all, Izaline's suggestive voice that she sings in Papiamento, as the best way to transmit the experiences of her people and to promote her language in the international community.

Recognized in musical gatherings as demanding as the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands, Izaline Calister's voice is governed by an irrefutable originality. Formed under the influence of jazz players like Dianne Reeves, Cassandra Wilson and Elis Regina, her passionate singing has found its own way, West Indian and irremediably contagious.

Official website: Izaline Calister

Tracks list:

01. Mi Pais (My Country)

02. Gym

03. Pueblo Lanta (People Get Up)

04. Kalor (Heat)

05. Porfin (Finally)

06. Awa (Water)

07. La la la

08. Speransa (Hope)

09. Juny

10. Forsa (Strength)

11. Amigu (Friend)

12. Preteksto (Pretext)

13. Kadena Enkantá (The Enchanted Necklace)

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